Open Banking & FinTech Solution Services

FinTech Integration

Helping the banks Corporate and Retail Banking businesses to identify the proper business cases to digitize and go with FinTech adoption model to Co-create the technology solutions to “Compte” in the market to get maximum pie. Especially in Cross boarder Payments and Multi currency remittance services domain.

Open Banking Architecture

Solutionize and implement the “Open Banking” technology to the banks and bring out a multi-party ‘Eco System’ to achieve Account aggregation, PFM, AIS (Account Information Service) and PIS (Payment Initiation Services) and regulatory frameworks. Expertise consent management and various authentication methods recommended by country regulators. Good exposure to Open Banking UK standards and Gulf Region.

API Banking & Commerce

Introduce the concept of integration of banking Merchant acquiring a d management platform with Merchant applications to share information on demand, transaction processing, refund, claims and settlements through API integration. The POS & eCom platform gets integrated seamlessly between banks and merchants.

Architecting the API solutions to satisfy seamless integration, Security, scalability, monetization, authentication, and authorisation perspective.

FinTech Partnership

Identify and Establish FinTech partnership with banks based on their established capabilities and matching business offering of the banks in the market. Example Bill Factoring, AML Services, Data aggregation, international remittances. Also, to address so e regulatory requirements of the countries.

Integration Architecture Services

Core Banking Interface & regulatory application Integration. Especially Core banking like Temenos T24, Oracle (FlexiCube), Finacle and legacy core banking applications.

Payment’s application architecture, integration with core banking. Instant payments solution.

Regulatory Application Integration

Integrating with various regulatory applications like Credit Bureau, Payment services, Gateway, Utility bill services, Govt ministry application integrations.

Payment Services Architecture

Wallet, Payment Gateway services, Cards, Pre-paid cards, Merchant acquiring services through API Banking and API commerce, RTGS, SWIFT Net, IPS (Instant payment services) regional payment services hub and GCC Wide RTGS.

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