We are Experts in Banking and Financial services architecture, Open banking and API Banking, FinTech Services integrations, Cloud and infra services.

Industries we work


Banking & Financial services industry is the most important business vertical we work. Since our expertise spread across regional specific business model and regulatory landscape, FinTech penetration in the market are the core determination dimensions for our engagements. Our focused geos are MEA, Europe and US markets.

Financial Services

We work with major international technology and management consultants on Merger & Acquisition technology integration, migration, rationalisation and BPR & APR (Business / Application Process Re-Engineering) analysis. Helping the united entity to arrive the technology roadmap and business transformations.

Oil & Gas

Infrastructure engineering services, Cloud architecture with models like multi-cloud, hybrid models, migration of applications and services, rationalisation and cloud economics. Implementing ‘Cloud-OPS’ for the sustenance model.


We work with leading multi-national Insurance companies based out of UK markets to help them on Cloud engineering consulting, migration feasibility study and design aspects. Since the industry requires multi-model operations in nature like customer end services to be hosted at cloud and back-office model at hosted DC at ground.

FinTech Partners

Our offers to the FinTech partners are like help them in conducting study of the current business landscape at a specific region / country for their products and services, identifying the potential clients in the banking and financial services, pre-sale solutions, aggregator model of services - OBIE, implementation partnership, Architectural & Integration Consulting services and cloud engineering partnership.

Who we are

Reshaping Enterprise Infrastructure for a Future-Ready Business

Invictus Technology is a I.T Consulting Enterprise, incorporated at UAE, and spread across its business operations across UAE, GCC and UK regions.

Based our expertise and experience, we transformed as an enterprise which focuses on end-to-end Infrastructure Managed Services, Architectural domains like Enterprise architecture, FinTech, Core Banking / App Integration, security and infra. One of our niche skill and expertise, which is proved in the market in the recent past at UAE & GCC, is “Digital Architecture and Solution & APR for enterprise level transformation” services.

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